The Cheshire Company has worked with a close-knit group of designers, producers, directors and editors since the beginning and their longevity has created consistency and quality for our clients. Here are some key team members:

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Laura Cheshire


Emmy-award winning director Laura Cheshire founded the company after working in advertising (J.Walter Thompson, Sr. VP) and television (TNT Networks, VP Creative Services). She holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Brown University.

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Steve Frechtman

executive producer
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Selena Anthony

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Sean Pierce

motion graphics/animation
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Paolo Giorno

graphic designer/creative director
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Sharon Lerner

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Kenyon Phillips

music supervisor

Showcase 2011-12

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We created an art film for and about Deborah Turbeville that toured with her photography exhibit. The film showcased here, of Russian ballerinas was shot in St. Petersburg in collaboration with Turbeville. Cheshire also directed four films with war themes for TNT Networks, and
co-produced Hollywood Profiles for Bravo TV with Germany-based Kick Films. For the ten years that Between the Lion was on PBS, Cheshire also concepted and directed countless segments, working in an array of styles from live action to animation and puppets.

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